We are always looking for new students to come and study with us, new friends to visit us, and new partners to discuss research with!

If you would like to get in touch with us for general matters, you can contact the lab founder at

For applications and visits, please ensure you read the information below.

Prospective PhD Students

For Candidates

We’re looking for passionate, committed students with a BSc/MSc in Computer Science (or equivalent) and a strong interest in systems security. Candidates should be proficient in coding, preferably in one or more of Python/Java/C/C++, and be motivated to improve the state-of-the-art through top quality publications. We expect applicants to be familiar with our core research streams and recent output.

Candidates should be prepared for the ups and downs of obtaining a PhD which will at times be extremely challenging. Top conferences have an acceptance rate of 10-15%, which means you will be rejected often. Systems security research typically requires a non-negligible engineering effort which means many bugs and failures are inevitable. The security field is particularly fast-moving and it will require much vigilance to stay up-to-date with all the latest advances. However, if you believe that you’re up to meeting such challenges, contributing to the scientific community can be extremely rewarding, and you will always be supported by the rest of the lab as we are equally committed to great research and building new knowledge!

To Apply

If you’re interested in pursuing a PhD in Computer Science as part of our team, you should send us an email with your CV and interests and if there’s a good match, we can find the best avenue for you to apply and write a letter to support your application. The typical route for application is via the King’s PhD Program, however we also offer supervision to students on the CDT in Safe and Trusted AI (STAI-CDT). Talented Chinese students may also be able to apply through the King’s-China Scholarship Council (K-CSC) Programme.

Undergraduate Students

We also occasionally have research opportunities for undergraduate students. In particular, if you’re a student at King’s, you may be interested in joining us during the summer as a (paid) Research Assistant via the King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship (KURF) scheme.

Research Visitors

We are always happy to host visitors for some period (typically 3 months) if there’s a common interest, and welcome people from all backgrounds and experience levels whether they’re MSc students, PhD students, post doctoral researchers, or currently working in industry.

Of course, we also welcome visitors to join us for a day or two to present a talk, discuss research, and enjoy some of London’s best pizza 😉.